Shuffleboard is a fun and easy-to-play board game reminiscent of curling. The teams have four stones each, you play every other stone and those closest to the edge of the table get points in different scoring zones. First to 15 points wins!

The game is good to play either man against man, or in teams of a maximum of 4 people.

Price 45kr / pp 30 min


Everyone can play shuffleboard! Old as a young man, tall as short. Contrary to many other games, there are few obvious advantages one can take advantage of here
to be a good player. You don't have to be tall, strong or have many years of experience in strategy games. Therefore, everyone can meet everyone here on equal terms.


x Each player/team has 4 stones each, red or blue.

x The teams play every other stone, only one stone at a time.

x The table is divided into pole zones. A stone that is not in the points zone on the opposite side of the table is "dead" and picked off.

x Is a stone not entirely inside the lines for a points zone, the lower score always counts.

x The team that has taken the edge gets points for all their stones that lie in front of the opponents.

x When all the stones are played, the score is counted together, and then you start on a new round.

x The team that won the last round begins to play the next round.

x First to 15 points wins!

About the tables

All Gokartcentralens Shuffleboards are in race size of 7 meters, in Gothenburg we have 2 tables and in Kungälv 1 table. Borden each holds electronic numeracy, which facilitates the scoring during the game. The tables are regularly maintained with silicone spray to maintain a good slide. The tables are about 80cm in height, and thus they can also be a little less involved in playing without problems. There is also the possibility to borrow a stool if they want to be in the absolute smallest team to be involved in testing on.