This should be read before driving

Personal things – Don't have any things solved in your pockets such as wallets, cell phones, keys, coins, or tools while driving. There is a risk that they fall onto the track and cause accidents. Loose banknotes shall be stored in our dressing cabinets. You need a 10 crown for the cabinets that you get back when you unlock.

To think about before take-off – Always use seatbelt straps while sitting in the go-kart. Make sure the helmet is buttoned and that the strap on the helmet is adjusted. If you have long hair, put it under your clothes to prevent it from getting stuck in something on the car while driving. It is not allowed to wear a scarf or shawl on, sitting in the car with curved legs and curved arms, do not have the chair too far back if you are short.

To think about when driving
– If you're a beginner, take it easy the first few laps and feel the go-kart and track. Collisions and tarpaulins are not allowed. Stay in the go-kart if you stop, the staff will help you. If you get stuck against a tire, use the hill to get loose. Definitely don't get out of the car during a race when you risk being hit and injured. Always have both hands on the steering wheel. Please read our tips on how to improve your lap times by clicking here.

When the race is finished
– When the red lights around the go-kart track start to shine and flash red, time is over. The speed of the cars is automatically reduced down to 50% and you drive directly calmly and gently into the depot. After the race, your lap times are printed on the printer at the timing screens. Don't forget to bring your results!

Gokartcentralen's staff
– Talk to our staff if you have questions. They are on site to help you and ensure that safety regulations and regulations are followed. During the run, staff can communicate with the drivers by waving different colored flags. The purpose of the flags is described below.

The various flags:

Blue – Drop the gas, drive to the side and let the driver behind drive by.

Black / White diagonal – The warning flag is given to the driver who has done something disallowed. Tex prejningar, runs and crashes. If you get this flag, you are warned and the staff can punish you by lowering the speed of the car in about 10 seconds. It doesn't pay to be prejas.

Black – Means you're disqualified. Staff lower speed to 25%. Drive directly into the depot.

Red – stay in front of this flag. For example, the use of the at the starting lineup at the finals.

Save time, register before you arrive!

New drivers should register to drive go-karts. Registration can be made either through the website below, download our free APP (click here) or on site with us. After you register, you will receive a personal magnetic card that we call a race license at the reception. You only have to do the registration once.  

Register to Gothenburg