Become a part of us

Gokartcentralen is one of Sweden's leading event companies aimed at both individuals and companies. At our facilities in central Gothenburg and Kungälv you will find Sweden's largest indoor tracks for go-karting. In addition to this, we have full-time dining, conference rooms, racing simulators, billiards, shuffleboard etc. a complete package for all events.

As an employee of ours, you represent our fine facilities and become part of the customer's positive experience!


In December 2018, Gokartcentralen opened Sweden's most modern and freshgokartbana – in Kungälv! Indoors, outdoors and of course with electric-powered cones.

Your duties

Our largest customer occupancy is in the evenings and weekends. Much of the work is done in these environments with a lot of people to take care of and a tight schedule to piece together all the pieces on. Here it is important to have your tongue right in the mouth and be able to keep many balls in the air at the same time.

At lower occupancy, the time is spent on planning and preparation where it requires that you are proactive and can plan for future rush hour traffic.

Are you the one we're looking for?

We are looking for you who are outgoing, responsible, like challenges and to work at a fast pace from the beginning of the day to finish. Every day you meet lots of customers, new and recurring. It requires that you are driven, have the right customer service and the pace.

Meritorious with experience in sales, cash or restaurant.

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