As a partner of Gokartcentralen you have the opportunity to be seen at our/our facilities in Kungälv and/or in Gothenburg. As a partner, you will be visible regardless of the size of packages on our website with a log and with a link on to your website. We will work actively to disseminate images/videos via social media/ newsletter etc, both directly from us but also indirectly through our guests.

The collaboration means of course that we at Gokartcentralen will talk positively about your company and recommend you to potential customers etc. and hope that you will do the same about us. We would like to see any cooperation beyond above, such as the fact that we are not going to do anything about it. Kanvent, exchange of services, etc.

We also have the option to offer access to our/our conference rooms and preferential offers when booking Gokart (Race) etc. during the contract period. This according to your needs and wishes.

All the package suggestions below can be discussed and adapt/adjust to your activities and wishes.

For more information or booking of partner packages, please feel free to contact us here >>

Small package

The intermediate package

Large packages