Karting school

To take advantage of the course in the best way, we recommend that you have driven a gokart at least once before, preferably here, but it also works on another course. If you have any specific goals with the course, e.g. learning to improve your overtakings, or to drive as fast as possible, please communicate this to the course leader before so that he can adapt his thinking about your driving. The focus is that each individual student should be allowed to develop into a better and safer driver.

In addition to training and driving, it includes all participants a membership on our courses. Access to the go-kart and all equipment during the course occasions.

– 3 heats per course opportunity
– Instructor-led training
– Gokart and equipment are included
– Membership / race license
– Become a faster and safer driver

Price: 550kr per course opportunity. Warm welcome!

Do you have any other questions? Call us on 0303-170 70

Gokartskola in Kungälv at Gokartcentralen

Course sessions in kungälv

Sunday 5 July at 15:30 - 16:30


The school consists of some theory. We go through the technique and mindset behind how to get faster. How to position yourself before a turn, should you drive the shortest stretch or keep the speed up? How do you plan your overtakings? Feel how the go-kart acts and alter your driving accordingly, to be propper fast you have to be on the edge all the time..


Most of the course takes place on the track. Here, our instructors study your driving and give feedback with tips on improvements along the way, and we go through the ideal race line, brake points and "turn-in-points". With the help of markings on the track, we help you hit the apex perfectly, and get an optimal exit from the corners and maximum speed out on the straight!


Helmet on and tighten the belt, let's go! We're running 3 heats on the track. Of course, timing is running all the time, so that we can follow the development all the way down to the fraction of a second.

Race license

Everyone who runs the course registers in our system, gets a race license that applies on our tracks. You get the results home with you, and can then work on what we have learned on the course to continue to improve your results!