Run racing simulator with us

One of the world's best racing simulators is on our upper floor. Simbin's "RaceRoom" is as close to track racing you can come, without having to make you bother to get a license, and spend money on an expensive car. Here you have the opportunity to drive with your friends on simulated tracks that are around the world, and with real cars.

Our simulators are equipped with 3 screens for a really good visual experience, a steering track, pedals, a racing-inspired seat and speakers that deliver the amazing sound that RaceRoom managed to produce.

Leaderboard Challenge

In the Leaderboard Challenge, you have to be as fast as you can. You drive yourself, without other opponents on the track and the goal is to set as fast lap time as possible. Set a cruel time, and get onto our leaderboard. Do you have what it takes? 


Challenge your friends in a race.
Up to 6 people can drive against each other at the same time. 2-5 min training, 5 min qualifiers and 5 min final.