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Our gokarts

Of course, we only drive electric gokartar indoors, there is no other option. We have 2 different variations to choose from, see below for more info and pictures.

– 48 V
– 60 Ah lithium batteries
– Brushless IPM electric motor
– Opportunity to back down
– Adjustable speed via remote control
– Anti gas/brake systems
– Racing 4-point belt
- Min. length 135 cm

Electric gokart

We drive with the most modern electric go-karts on the market!

The electric drive only gives us benefits. We have the opportunity to drive indoors and still breathe fresh air, the engines are stronger than gasoline powered, and it is much quieter in the hall.

Speedkart The maphas a strong brushless electric motor that we have adjusted in standard mode to match a 270cc petrol-powered map, in the speed map mode they have 20% extra power. The torque is on the full 42 Nm which gives a quick acceleration, the strong engine also means that weight differences on drivers do not affect the speed of the go-kart. The top speed is about: 60km/h. In order for us to run with that effect, we need good batteries. Therefore, we use 16 60Ah Lithium ion 3.2V cells. They also help to keep the weight down on the go-kart.

Thanks to the fine electronics that control the engines, we have the ability to adjust the go-karts so that they are completely even. We also have the ability to adjust the speed of them individually via a remote control, for inexperienced drivers or our youngest guests.

– 2-seater
– Double command
– 48 V
– 60 Ah
– Brushless engine
– Opportunity to back down
– Anti gas/brake systems
– 4-point belt
- Min. length 90 cm

Rimo Sinus Twin

In the usual go-karts we take drivers from 135 cm and up, if you are during this so we also have a Rimo Sinus Twin, a map with double command (of course also this electric drive) where you can drive together with an adult. This go-kart is also suitable for disabled people or people who simply don't feel comfortable driving themselves.

Here, both drivers can be involved in controlling, the go-kart has 2pcs of steering that are connected, but only one can gas and brake.