Billiards is the perfect game for any company, most people know how it works, and everyone can learn it!
In addition to the classic 8-ball, there are a number of possible modes of play for those who want to vary.

Price 40 kr pp / 30min

Game variants:


8-Ball is perhaps the most common form of play in billiards. When you play 8-ball, you're usually two people playing against each other. The game begins with a blast and then the players continue to try to bump down the different balls in their respective teams, all or half. Anyone who first managed to lower all their balls may then go on to try to sink the eighth into a predetermined hole, and if you do this, you win the game.

The game can also be played in teams of 2 or 3 players. In such cases, one simply takes turns.


9-Ball is a slightly tricky form of play. In 9-ball, you only use ball 1-9. The game begins with a blast, and then the players take turns.
In the event of a miss, the tour goes over. In 9-ball you have to constantly encounter the lowest numerated ball on the table, but you do not have to lower them in that order. The 9-ball winner is the one who manages to sink the 9.

Variant: 9-ball can also be played with points. If you do that, the 5 is worth a point, and the 9 th two points. First to 21 points wins. If you manage to sink the 5 or 9 when it's not the lowest ball on the table, you count those points, and then the ball is put up on the white dot on the table. The game then continues. You play as many points as it takes for one of the players to get 21 points.

If you play with points, you can also hand out handicap, the player with the least billiard habit can start from eg. 10 points.

Tribello - A

At three players, tribello can be a fun style of play. You decide before the start of the game who has which balls, and with the division 1-5, 6-10 and 11-15. In tribello you start with blasting, then even the task is to lower the opponents' balls. If a player gets rid of all their balls, you're out of the game. Should someone then accidentally put the white ball, a player who has gone out will be allowed to pick up one of his balls, and continue the game. Whoever's last left wins the game.

Our table

Our table is a full-size competition table that stands in our lounge. The table is completely new and has a slate, which means that the table does not soften and creates unevenness over the years unlike wooden boards that are a living material.