Give away a gift card

Who won't be happy by a fast-paced experience? The perfect gift to give away, to everyone! All gift cards apply both in Gothenburg and in Kungälv, 1 year from the date of purchase. The gift card will be available directly to your email as PDF. In case of invoice payment, it may take a while until you receive the PDF email for the bank's control.

The gift cards are divided into 3 categories, choose the type of gift card you want to show:

Group card

Perfect for families or businesses. A card loaded with driving pass. Show off the PDF at the reception and get a plastic card.

Open amount

A gift card loaded with any amount.
Can be used for go-karts (drop in or booking), food, conference, etc.

Specific packages

Specific packages, personal or open. Gokartskola, 3st driving pass, 5pcs driving pass, etc.